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CryptoPunk #6808 tokenized by Sygnum Bank

  • Sygnum Bank has tokenized blue-chip NFT CryptoPunk #6808 using its Desygnate primary market issuance platform

  • From January 2022, CP6808 tradeable asset tokens will be available exclusively to Sygnum clients for co-ownership on SygnEx, Sygnum’s secondary market

  • Represents the first step towards embracing the emerging NFT market and Web 3.0 experiences into Sygnum’s vision for Future Finance

CryptoPunk – the “Picasso” of the NFT world

In 2017, Larva Labs generated 10,000 CryptoPunks using a computer algorithm, gifting each with a unique personality and randomly generated features inspired by the 70’s London Punk scene. The launch of these CryptoPunks kick-started the exponential growth of today’s USD 27B global market for NFTs and crypto-collectibles.

A CryptoPunk is an NFT (Non Fungible Token), a unique digital asset on the blockchain with verifiable and immutable proof of ownership. CryptoPunk #6808 is one of only 38% females and has several rare features including dark hair (2%) and a VR Headset (3%). NFTs are the most pure manifestation of the unique value blockchain delivers; digital scarcity, the ability to trade originals, not copies, and the means to prove this uniqueness and value at scale.

Here at Sygnum, we think of ourselves as an innovative tech-company that has its own bank. In the same way, our CryptoPunk also has a dual identity; it has its place in blockchain history - and also is an innovation that’s shaping the future direction of finance - and perhaps of social networks and culture”, adds Mathias Imbach, Sygnum’s Co-Founder and Group CEO.

Investing in NFTs and Web 3.0

NFTs are a core component of the Web 3.0 internet evolution, which imagines a series of interconnected 3D virtual “metaverses” where everyone, everywhere can socialise, shop, game and work. These have the potential to usher in substantial new blockchain-based economies linking both virtual and physical worlds.

At times, this pace of innovation is accompanied by exaggeration, exuberance and hype. Some of the activity we have seen in this space in 2021 certainly falls into this category. However, at Sygnum, we have been following the fast-moving NFT ecosystem for some time, and have looked past the noise to invest in scalable infrastructure and use-cases that will help make this exciting vision of Future Finance a reality. Fractionalising the ownership of CryptoPunk #6808 and trading it on the SygnEX secondary market is just the first step.

We invite you to visit and meet the only CryptoPunk with her own bank, on permanent display in both our Zurich and Singapore offices, and learn more about our exciting NFT-related products for 2022 and beyond.

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