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Discover the top news in crypto for the week!

New research reveals that almost half of recent crypto owners first purchased digital assets in 2021, while adoption is growing worldwide. Meanwhile, decentralised organisations can reshape traditional business models while more CBDCs move forward. Find out the top 5 crypto news of this week.


Sygnum House View

Since March, the total crypto market recovered 30 percent to levels not seen since the start of the year, despite some tokens still being below their initial 2022 prices. To learn more about market conditions, new crypto regulations coming forward, trending news topics, and other market behaviours influencing the market, check Sygnum House View. The Sygnum Asset Management team reviews all the changes in the top market indicators every month for the top crypto and DeFi assets. Read more


More than 90 percent of all Bitcoin is now in circulation. What’s next?

In 13 years of existence, 19 million Bitcoin were minted, representing 90 percent of its total supply. Bitcoin has a fixed supply of 21 million coins, which is predicted to be reached in 2140, given that Bitcoin’s miner rewards rate is cut in half roughly every four years through the Bitcoin halving. Bitcoin’s halving increases the difficulty of mining new coins, making them more scarce and attractive for investors. Read more


DAOs could revolutionise how startups are run

Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) bring more ownership to people as the members of DAOs own and run organisations. Until now, startups adopted traditional business models, but the rise of new Web 3 companies and decentralised models is shaping new business structures. DAOs, beyond management, could also impact funding for new companies, with the launch of native tokens functioning as financing and governance avenues. Read more


Nearly half of crypto owners first bought digital assets in 2021, survey shows

New research revealed that almost half of investors bought cryptocurrency for the first time in 2021. The analysis found this pattern in the US, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America, while 79 percent of new owners are investing with a long-term oriented view. Brazil and Indonesia have the most crypto adoption worldwide, followed by the US and the UK. Read more


The race to digital money is on – PwC’s 2022 CBDC Global Index shows which central banks are in the lead

A new report by PwC reveals that over 80 percent of central banks are researching or have launched a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Retail-focused CBDCs are more developed than wholesale projects, with the central banks of Nigeria and the Bahamas leading the list of fully-fledged CBDCs. Among the major global economies, China has the most developed CBDC, while talks continue in the US and the EU on the potential launch of government-backed stablecoins. Read more

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