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Discover the top news in crypto for the week!

Australia is pioneering a new form of crypto regulations, while crypto lobbyists are concerned about the new crypto rules coming to the European Union. Meanwhile, cities like Lugano are working to become global crypto hubs while the relationship of crypto with traditional markets is changing. Find out the top 5 crypto news of this week.


The Crypto Explorer podcast: Swapping DEXes

The new edition of The Crypto Explorer podcast covers everything about decentralised exchanges and their infrastructure, with guest Mounir Benchemled, founder of ParaSwap. Decentralised exchanges enable customers to freely trade cryptocurrencies while offering more flexibility and use-cases for investors. In the podcast, Mounir talks in detail about DEXes, how the idea to build a DEX aggregator came to mind, and the intricacies of the industry, from infrastructure to adoption. Read more


Ethereum Foundation confirms September dates for the Merge

In a new blog post, the Ethereum Foundation has confirmed September 6 as the date for the Merge, which will happen in 2 phases. The Merge, or the Bellatrix upgrade, will occur that day, with the Paris update happening a few days later, in what will change the Ethereum network to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus. Investors have been bullish on this change, and the entire crypto world is watching as it is one of the biggest changes in the industry since its inception. Read more


Australia unveils plans for crypto regulations unlike ‘anywhere else in the world’

Australian regulators are moving forward with a new evaluation of the crypto sector to draw new rules to protect consumers and bring clarity to the regulatory landscape. Australia will follow token mapping, evaluating the different types of cryptocurrencies, including their technological features (i.e., code) and how that will influence the upcoming rules. The regulators want to study the differences and nuances of crypto assets and services and only then advance with rules that correctly address the industry. Read more


Lugano stakes claim to become cryptocurrency capital of Europe

Can Lugano become a European capital for crypto? The city is embracing bitcoin, stablecoins, and even its own cryptocurrency to attract investors and businesses while improving services for residents. Lugano is building infrastructure to facilitate the bitcoin mining business and bring sustainability to that sector while investing in R&D and blockchain technology. Moreover, residents of Lugano will be able to pay regional taxes and make daily purchases from local businesses with digital assets. Read more


Correlation growing between crypto and equity markets in Asia, says IMF

After the Covid pandemic, crypto’s behaviour has changed, with its price action becoming closer to traditional equities. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is now showing that bitcoin’s correlation with stocks in the Indian market has seen a 10-fold increase. The IMF justifies this relationship with the rising adoption of crypto providers and products in Asia and the growing institutional embracement. Read more

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