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Our approach at Sygnum – The values that define our company

Sygnum values

Our long-term mission is to inspire and empower everyone, everywhere to create and have direct access to ownership and value. At a personal level, what were the motivations of our team members in founding and joining Sygnum?

"Blockchain lays the foundation to radically re-imagine how economic activities between humans and machines will be performed in the future. It is exciting to help shape this transformation in financial services. And this is exactly what we, at Sygnum, aim to do.”

Stefan Müller, Chief Operating Officer

Sygnum was founded by an experienced and interdisciplinary team, backed by a distinguished group of individuals and institutional investors. At Sygnum, we pride ourselves on having a "nose for value" and we leverage the extensive experience of our core team, Board members and Advisors to challenge the status quo and strive towards bold targets.

"I was searching for an entrepreneurial opportunity that would allow me to leverage my previous experience and build cool tech in an area that matters. I am humbled to be building the future of finance at Sygnum with the best team imaginable." 

Beat Wuffli, Head Tokenization

Over the course of numerous discussions with our Board, Advisors and potential clients, we developed an understanding of the industry’s key pain points. The products and services we are building now are targeted to address exactly these. All these factors together keep us on track and give us confidence that we will achieve our ambitious targets.

"We founded Sygnum to enable and accelerate the development of Distributed Ledger Technologies. We do this by building a bridge between the ambitious and decentralized universe of DLT and today's sound and regulated financial industry." 

Mathias Imbach, Founding Partner & CEO Singapore

We treat our clients and partners as the ultimate arbiters of what we do and always look for ways to let the market prove us right or wrong. We, Sygnumers, constantly challenge and support each other to get results in the most efficient way. Most importantly, we are all owners of our tasks and take full responsibility for outcomes, while at the same time enjoying our work. Our success not only depends on the diversity of our background but also on the values that define and unite us as a team.

"I joined Sygnum because of the people I trust, because of a compelling and powerful product and the opportunity to leverage on my experience and interest in the latest technologies."

Georgine Roesle, Head Corporate Development

At Sygnum, we demonstrate confidence balanced with humility. We say things as they are without fear of judgment and create opportunities to let our team mates shine. We hire the best talent for the job and embrace diversity, and we treat Technology and Business as equal partners: in this way, we are building a motivated team which is ready to deliver. We also cultivate meaningful working relationships and support each other where needed.

"I have a tremendous amount of respect for my colleagues at Sygnum. Their drive and passion are inspiring."

Yongchuan Pan, Vice President, Tokenization

At Sygnum, we love to challenge the status quo, but at the same time have great respect for the heritage of the financial industry. We are bold, but realistic. We are professional yet do not take ourselves too seriously. Sygnumers adopt a positive 'can-do' attitude and focus on solving problems rather than just talking about them.

“Sygnum is building the bridge between traditional finance and the future demand of services around digital assets.”

Roland Schwinn, Managing Director Business Development

With our work, we are not setting out to compete with incumbent financial institutions. We have great respect for them and view them as potential partners and collaborators – we recognize the challenges they face when it comes to the provision of services in the Token ecosystem and believe that we can offer them cutting-edge and practical win-win solutions. Ultimately, the Token ecosystem must grow. It must move from mainstream awareness to mainstream adoption. This is not a 'winner takes all' game and the more trustworthy and responsible companies venture into the field, the better it is for the ecosystem.

"I am passionate about blockchain technology, because it enables everyone to participate in the global economy."

Roger Kelly, Chief of Staff