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Sygnum founding member of Swiss Metaverse Association - Metassociation

With the launch of the Swiss Metaverse Association, Sygnum is honoured to be a founding member of this ecosystem building a future-proof, innovative foundation to enable metaverse projects in Switzerland.

The goal of this association, recently founded in Bern, is to create a broad-based metaverse ecosystem to advocate for attractive framework conditions in Switzerland and enable the creation of new business models, companies and jobs.

The Swiss Metaverse Association (short: Metassociation) is chaired by Tina Balzli, Partner and Head of Fintech & Blockchain at CMS Switzerland, and Alexandra Hofer, Senior Consultant at furrerhugi.

"With this association, we are laying important foundations to position Switzerland as an innovative and forward-looking location that enables metaverse projects. As an association, we network the relevant players, initiate projects, and promote dialogue and education," says the newly elected Co-President, Tina Balzli.

Proactively addressing metaverse questions

Various events are planned within the framework of the Swiss Metaverse Association, and working groups are being formed to address specific issues and topics. Current priorities include tax, the industrial metaverse, regulation, arts and culture, research and education, insurance and banking, technology and infrastructure, health, and tourism and sports.

Sygnum and the metaverse – home to a future USD 5 trillion crypto-powered economy

Sygnum is the first Swiss bank to open a metaverse hub in the virtual equivalent of New York’s Times Square. The Decentraland hub is Sygnum’s Web3 portal to the emerging USD 5 trillion metaverse economy, featuring a CryptoPunk receptionist, interactive NFT gallery and event space.

“Metaverse investment is ramping up, powered by crypto-enabled retail transactions and a new generation of users completely at home with socialising, shopping and working in virtual spaces. The metaverse is the natural place for Sygnum to showcase Web3 innovation and provide a trusted entry point for investors into the fast-growing Future Finance economy,” says Martin Burgherr, Sygnum Chief Clients Officer.

The metaverse is an always-on interactive 3D world built on open blockchain technology that allows users to socialise, play games, work and earn, shop and develop new skills. As personal digital, physical, financial and social worlds become increasingly linked by connected devices, the demand for enhanced user experiences also continue to rise. The metaverse has the potential to deliver these enhanced experiences and reach a value of USD 5 trillion by 2030[1], according to McKinsey research.

Read more about the Swiss Metaverse Association launch here.

Founding members of the Swiss Metaverse Association:

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Ecosystem Partner:

Digital Stadt Bern

[1] McKinsey & Company Report – Value Creation in the Metaverse, June 2022

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