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Sygnum House View

The market drifted lower in April, fully reversing the recovery of the prior two weeks. Most of the downmove was attributed to the expectation of greater Fed rate hikes, with macro hedge funds trading crypto as a risk asset. Bitcoin and Ether both fell by 17 percent over the month, largely in line with the overall market.

Read our House View report below where the Sygnum Asset Management team review news, trending topics and regulation that are influencing the digital asset markets. Our Sygnum sentiment analysis in the report includes a set of market indicators and our market analysis gives a month-by-month performance overview for several of the top crypto assets.

With the Sygnum House View, you have access the latest monthly updates from our digital asset investment experts to keep you up to date with the crypto asset market and product developments.

The Sygnum House View is available to professional and private qualified Swiss investors. For other updates on the digital asset markets, read our Insights articles here.

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